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Delirum by Lauren Oliver Book Review

Delirium Book Cover

Review written by Emma, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer

Review of: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

In a dystopian society, love has been classified as a serious disease, so serious that it took 43 years to find a cure. In Lauren Oliver’s outstanding book filled with great passion, she presents the story of 17-year old Magdalena Haloway who is growing up in a society in which love is a crime. The day she turns 18, she will be forced to undergo a procedure that supposedly cures her of a disease that is within every person: Love. She saw first-hand the way love dismantled her mother and is determined not to go down the same road. In fact, she is eager to get the procedure over with so she can be normal and fit in with everybody else. But what happens when emotions are threatening to get the best of her and Magdalena meets an exotic boy from the other side of the tracks? With only a matter of days before her surgery, what will she do?

Delirium is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to take a risk in life and follow your heart. It is for people who are looking for that one book that makes you think, “Wow, that was really good!” Delirium was nearly impossible for me to put down, and I know the same thing will happen to you.