46 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052

Art Exhibit

"Seashell With No Shore"
Artist: Hans Lundy

Show Dates:May 8 - May 31, 2019
Artist Reception: May 19, 3:00-5:00 PM

Artist Statement:

This body of artwork portrays the human body as a shell, complex in nature, but contained within a vessel that is hollow and full of unknowns. The lack of connection that the work conveys relates to my culture and identity and thus serves as a metaphor for my own narrative.   

My work demonstrates an acute sensibility in apprehending the current human condition on a social and cultural level as well as the search for its identity. The value of knowing my Haitian origin and embracing myself, skin color, racial culture and the core values that connect one person to another is the essence of my work. In many way’s social interactions, instincts and characteristics, can be traced back to the culture you relate to or was born into. The process to creating my work is cycle of destroying and resurrecting. the forms within my subjects thus mimicking loss and rebirth of cultural identity. I combine soot and liquified acrylic paint to create dynamic imagery in which I savor the rich darkness juxtaposed with lively color.

I was born in Haiti, because of the adverse political climate, these circumstances caused me to be an immigrate in the United States. Overtime I understood that the US has cultural prejudices and stereotypes of my people. I have a firsthand understanding of what it feels like to be an cultural orphan in a land that I cannot call my own. Culture is defined as a manifestation of human intellectual achievement. It is the rope that ties an assembly of people together, creating strong roots. I had to adopt a new language, way of thinking, and mannerisms and move my original culture to the back seat. As time progressed, I started believing that the US history was my own, but in fact it’s the history that I was adopting. This left me to be a man “without a home” never truly being accepted back into my own country of origin, because of my Americanization.  I would never be fully integrated into the hodgepodge of American culture because of the racism, classism, and the lack of empathy for immigrants, even though this country was taken from Native Americans , never really calling these walls my home.


About the Artist:

Hans Lundy was born in Haiti, Por Tau Prince on October 25, 1992. His family came to the United States of America in 1999 where they have lived in East Orange, NJ for the last 10 years Irvington, and East orange. He has been trained and mentored by the post-modern figurative artist Williams Coronado. Coronado exposed Hans to his ideas on using the human body as a vehicle for creative expression on an aesthetic, psychological, and philosophical format. Hans Lundy has embraced these ideas and has added the aesthetics of surrealism to create an art that is his personal view of how he sees and understands the world and art. his paintings can be provocative, political, philosophical, or psychological It is the distinctive character of melancholy that makes Hans Lundy's paintings so impressionable. Perhaps his work psychologically reminds us of the things that as a species, humanity can improve on.